This Device Will Make You Smarter

Join the Wolfpack of energy savers by making the switch to an energy-saving smart power strip that will effortlessly lower your carbon footprint and utility bills. Just set it up, and let the savings begin. The best thing about traditional power strips can also be the worst thing – they enable us to plug in more electronics, which we often leave plugged in constantly. Many of these devices use energy constantly, even when they are turned off. It’s called “phantom” or “vampire” load, and it can account for up to 15 percent of electricity usage.

Enter the smart solution, a smart power strip.  Though designs vary, they all have two basic components: electrical outlets and circuitry that monitors and controls those outlets.  For example, when a printer plugged into a basic smart strip goes into standby mode, its power consumption decreases.  The circuitry detects the decrease and cuts the power to that outlet.  The rest of the outlets in use stay on. Most smart strips also have constant hot, always-on outlets.  Have a device like an alarm clock or DVR that always needs to stay on? Plug it into the always-on outlet.

Some smart strips let you group devices together, turning them on or off at the same time. This type of smart strip has 3 types of outlets: control, constant hot and auto-off.  The device in the control outlet determines if the devices in the auto-off outlet are on or off.  So, turn off your TV and the smart strip will automatically turn off your DVD player, speakers, A/V receiver, game system and other devices plugged into the auto-off outlet.

Next time you go shopping for a power strip, make the smart choice to save energy and money. Perfect for your apartment, house, residence hall or home, smart strips typically cost $25 to $40 but energy-savings make up that investment in no time.