Earth Week Events Bring People To Action

NC State declared 2008 as the Year of Energy and has been making strides to educate and involve campus in conserving energy and overall sustainability. As part of the Year of Energy, Earth Day was expanded to include a week-long celebration that included 20 events, bringing together campus and community.  Among the successful events were:

Electronic recycling drive saved 7.1 tons of electronic waste in four hours.
Poker bike ride provided awareness of alternative transportation, gathering and playing cards along their route.
World-renowned speakers, including Dr. Jay Baliga on NCSU-created technologies saving over 1 trillion pounds of carbon per year, Sandra Harding covering women, environment and technology, Rep. Pricey Harrison on energy policy and Dr. Robert Jackson on global warning and a panel of experts covering the emerging energy economy.
Earth Feast and personal energy workshops connect personal energy with individual behavior and choices such as locally grown and organic food, fitness, product choices, etc.)
Over 45 community groups and businesses participated in an Earth Day event
Movie viewings such as End of Suburbia, Everything’s Cool and Kilowatt Ours
Tours of renewable energy and energy generation technologies
The week ended with a free music event sponsored by local organizations, featuring local bands.