NC State offers numerous ways for its staff members to engage with sustainability on campus.

You might be curious what sustainability is at NC State, so dive into what NC State’s sustainability commitment entails and how NC State is progressing toward its sustainability goals.

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Change Your State

These ideas and tips from the Change Your State sustainability awareness campaign are a great place to start living more sustainably.



You are what you eat, so choose sustainable food that has the least environmental impact and biggest health benefit.



Join the Wolfpack of energy savers by trying these tips for saving energy.

Zero Waste


Help make the world leaner and cleaner by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. Here’s how.



Decrease how much you drive and you’ll save money while also reducing air pollution, saving time and cutting your carbon pawprint. Here’s how.



Be a better you by living a well-balanced life. Try these tips to Change Your State of wellness. You’ll be happier, healthier and better able to live life to the fullest.



Only about 1 percent of the Earth’s water can be consumed by humans, so do your part to save this necessary but limited resource.

Get Involved

Certify Events

Hosting an event? Use the Wolfpack Certified Sustainable program to earn accolades for your sustainable event planning.

Certify Your Workplace

Use the Wolfpack Certified Sustainable program to earn accolades for the sustainable actions of your workplace.


Generated by student fees, this Fund offers competitive grants for campus sustainability projects.

Submit a PackLink Project

Packlink uses on-campus sustainability projects to provide real-world experience for students. Have a sustainability idea that you could use student help with? Submit your project

Green Brick Awards

Nominate someone or a campus department for these annual sustainability awards. Nominations are accepted in February of each year.

Staff Sustainability Community

A community is developing of staff and faculty members who are interested in sustainability. Email us to be added to the list of those interested in learning more as the group develops.