Don’t be trashy. Help make NC State leaner and cleaner by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. Check out our upcoming events for Zero Waste Month in November >>>

cupBYO Cup, Bottle or Mug

With a reusable water cup, bottle or mug, you can keep better hydrated anywhere you go while also reducing waste created through disposable plastic bottles or cups. You’ll help limit the use of plastic bottles, which in addition to taking lots of petroleum -based energy to produce also take up to 700 years to decompose if not responsibly recycled (80 percent of bottles aren’t). And in case you didn’t think this was a problem, note that Americans use at least 30 billion plastic bottles a year. Grab yourself a trendy, NC State reusable water bottle instead.


Know what you can and can’t recycle on campus, find a bin and help make the world a cleaner, less wasteful place.

bagPack a Bag

Take re-usable bags while shopping. Plastics bags take lots of resources to produce, are typically used just once, and take up to 1,000 years to decompose once they’re trashed. Some stores give discounts for bringing your own bag. In addition to keep creeks, campus and area landfills free of plastic bags, you’ll help save lots of energy. The amount of petroleum used to produce 14 plastic bags could fuel a car for one mile.


Ready for more?

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