Green Housekeeping

green cleaning housekeeping

At NC State, we clean green. University Housekeeping is leading the way in green cleaning.

Housekeeping staff undergo regular training to ensure we are continuously delivering a clean, healthy environment for building occupants. NC State’s comprehensive approach to green cleaning saves the university $48,000 a year and includes:

  • Saving energy and water
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Furthering recycling efforts
  • Increasing occupant productivity
  • Purchasing environmentally-friendly products

Housekeeping staff engage in practices such as:

  • HEPA filtration vacuum systems that removes 99.9 percent of airborne particles and aids in relief from asthma and allergies
  • Energy efficient light bulbs that are responsibly recycled when no longer of use
  • Green Seal certified cleaning products such as the Orbio water spray bottle that cleans nearly 99 percent of all germs through a combination of water, salt and electricity
  • Lights out walk throughs
  • Microfiber mops that reduce water usage by up to 90 percent over traditional style mops
  • Recycled content paper products
  • Catch and release pest control

Green Cleaning at Work

NC State students, faculty and staff have a role to play in helping  maintain campus.

  • Report odors to your building liaison instead of covering them up with an air freshener or opening windows
  • Use your deskside recycling bin
  • Reduce the need for trash bag replacement by designating one trash bin in your suite for food scraps and other messy trash
  • Use the building entry mats to remove soil or water from your shoes
  • Thank your housekeeper for his or her work

Housekeeping staff routinely look  for energy and water saving opportunities. You can help by:

  • Reporting water leaks to your building liaison
  • Turning off lights when your office, restrooms, copy areas, breakrooms, etc. are not in use
  • Turning off computers and monitors, printers, copiers and coffee makers at night

Green Cleaning at Home

Do try this at home. These cleaning tips won’t harm your health or the planet:

  • Use baking soda OR a water/vinegar mix to clean surfaces instead of regular cleaners
  • If using store-bought cleaners use those that are eco-friendly
  • Use rags instead of paper towels to clean up messes
  • Compost your food scraps instead of tossing them in the garbage