Going Paperless: Another Win for Sustainable Wolfpack

NC State Athletics has scored another win – this time for the planet.

With financial support from the NC State Sustainability Fund, the Athletics’ Fan Experience and Marketing team implemented a game-changing play this past year to replace traditional paper-based gameday scripts with electronic tablets.

The move helped intercept printed gameday scripts that can span over 17 pages. With more than 15 individuals requiring these scripts at each game for each sport, the amount of paper consumed was substantial. In the summer of 2022, the team purchased 15 electronic tablets that quickly became an essential part of every sporting event. 

The tablets reduced paper consumption by 40% and helped streamline operations by efficiently distributing gameday information and communicating real-time updates. 

The paperless project also provided real-world project management experience for Campus As A Classroom student intern Claire Henson. Henson, who recently graduated from the Wilson College of Textiles, was hired to implement sustainability-themed games for each sport as part of the Sustainable Wolfpack initiative. These games are designed to promote and educate attendees about sustainability and how they can get involved. In 2023, more than 88,876 fans attended ten Sustainable Wolfpack games.

Going paperless is another win for the Sustainable Wolfpack, which works to reduce waste, conserve energy and improve the overall health and wellness of the planet and people. Learn more about NC State Athletics’ ongoing sustainability efforts and take the pledge to join the Sustainable Wolfpack at go.ncsu.edu/SustainableWolfpack.