Compostable Products Now Available For Campus Events

Planning a campus event and want to use compostable products as a way to reduce waste?

Gone are the days of searching online for the right products. NC State’s¬†Waste Reduction and Recycling has already done the work for you. The office now offers compostable plates, cups and cutlery for at-cost purchase on campus.

“Providing reusable serviceware at events is the preferred¬†method for zero waste events. However, for those needing a disposable option but still want to be mindful of their waste,¬†we wanted to provide affordable compostable items that could be purchased for events of all sizes,” said Lani St. Hill, outreach coordinator for Waste Reduction and Recycling.

The products are offered at wholesale cost and are BPI-certified for compostability. Learn more about the purchase process, as well as the process for renting compost collection bins for campus events.