NC State Awarded $1.2 Million

Utilities and Engineering, within Facilities Operations at NC State, has been awarded $1.2 million for energy projects and fellowships through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The State Energy Office of North Carolina accepted applications for the grants earlier this year. $778,000 of the funds will be used for energy conservation measures around campus, such as replacing T12 fluorescent lights with more energy efficient T8 lights, as well as installing roughly 400 LED streetlights on campus.

Additionally, the Energy Management office will add 10 energy fellowships with $478,000 of the funds. The fellowship grant creates a partnership between Energy Management, FREEDM Systems Center, University Sustainability Office, NC Solar Center and Advanced Energy. The fellows will work on synergy projects among the five partners to help deploy energy programs at NC State and the State of North Carolina.