Academics & Research

As a land-grant institution, the heartbeat of NC State is its ongoing commitment to provide the citizens of North Carolina an affordable education and produce research that fuels economic growth.

Year after year, NC State delivers innovative research and top-notch education, consistently ranking as one of the nation’s best values. Sustainability intersects with many academic and research areas.

Degree Programs

NC State is the only university on the East Coast that has colleges and academic departments focusing on agriculture, forestry, earth sciences, marine sciences, atmospheric sciences, engineering, landscape and architectural design, management, education, economic policy and social sciences. Simply put – sustainability is inherently part of our university’s curriculum.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

NC State is an academic powerhouse devoted to discovering and applying innovative solutions to some of the world’s grand challenges. From Alternative Service Break volunteer trips to campus-wide sustainability grant competitions, students learn the importance of applying knowledge and creating solutions to real-life problems.


Sustainability-Related Researchers

Many NC State researchers' work intersects with some aspect of sustainability. The following professors have ongoing or occasional opportunities for current NC State undergraduate students to assist with sustainability-related research. Find a subject area that interests you and inquire directly with the professor about any research assistance opportunities. Students will be interviewed and utilized as research assistants at the professor’s discretion.
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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Agricultural & Resource Economics: Kelly Zering Animal Science: Steve Washburn Applied Ecology: Derek AdayThomas J. KwakKenneth H. Pollock Biological & Agricultural Engineering: Rhonda Sherman Crop Science: Tom RuftyMichelle Schroeder-Moreno Horticultural Science: Nancy CreamerJeanine M. Davis Plant & Microbial Biology: Amy Grunden Plant Pathology: Frank Louws Poultry Science: Chris Ashwell Soil Science: Carl Crozier Youth, Family, and Community Sciences: Dara BloomSarah D. Kirby
College of Engineering
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering: Michael Dickey Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering: Brendan T. O'Connor
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Sociology and Anthropology: Seth MurrayTim Wallace
College of Natural Resources
Forest BiomaterialsOrlando Rojas Forestry & Environmental Resources: Asko Noormets, Robert Bardon, Frederick W. Cubbage, Mark Megalos, L. Scott MillsSusan E. Moore, Elizabeth Guthrie Nichols, Dennis HazelRoss Whetten
Poole College of Management
Accounting: Donald Pagach Business Management: Bruce C. BransonRosanna Garcia Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Beth Ritter
College of Science
Biological Sciences: Jane Hoppin Chemistry: Walter W. Weare Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences: Walter Robinson Physics: Harald Ade
College of Textiles
Textile & Apparel, Technology & Management: Kristin A. Thoney-Barletta Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science: Melissa PasquinelliXiangwu ZhangRussell E. Gorga

K-12 Outreach

NC State has many programs geared to North Carolina youth, including several efforts that touch on components of sustainability:

Professional Development

Infuse sustainability into your career with these opportunities offered at NC State:

Industry and Community

As a land-grant university, NC State is focused on the creation and application of knowledge for the betterment of North Carolina and the world.