Waste Reduction and Recycling


Why Reduce Campus Waste?

Since 2001, the office of Waste Reduction and Recycling has managed a robust waste diversion program on campus. Guided by NC legislation Senate Bill 111 (mandates state entities to recycle and reduce waste) and General Statute 130A-309.10(f-m) (bans landfill disposal of certain items), the Waste Reduction and Recycling office offers convenient indoor, outdoor and special event recycling, including yellow bins just for electronics that are banned from landfills.

How NC State Reduces Waste

In 2012, 47 percent (calculated by:  recycled material / waste + recycled material = diversion rate) of campus waste was diverted from landfills. With a goal of diverting 65 percent of campus waste from landfills by 2015, NC State encourages students, faculty and staff to reduce, reuse and recycle:

What You Can Do

This A-Z Recycling Guide shows you how to recycle common items on campus. In addition to recycling, bring your own bag and cup/bottle to campus to reduce use of disposables.