Energy Management researches, evaluates and deploys energy efficiency and renewable energy technology that reduce energy and water consumption. Energy Management goals include:

  • Achieve a 40% reduction in building energy use intensity by 2022 against the 2003 baseline.
  • Achieve a 65% reduction in building potable water consumption by 2022 against the 2002 baseline.
  • Improve energy data management capabilities and make data driven decisions utilizing enhanced energy data.
  • Train and educate staff and building end-users to properly operate and maintain building systems in an energy-efficient manner.
  • Ensure a cost-effective and reliable energy supply by developing business scenarios and strategies for diversifying fuel sources.
  • Evaluate utility financial structures that create incentives for saving energy.
  • Implement green standards and practices for information technology and computing.

Progress toward these goals is tracked by key performance indicators, including utility cost, usage and demand, and reported in the Strategic Energy and Water Annual Report.

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