Integrating sustainability into business is becoming an increasingly popular idea. Browse the resources NC State offers to help advance the sustainability of your business or workplace.

First things first. If you’re curious what sustainability is, dive into what sustainability means, what NC State’s sustainability commitment entails, how NC State is progressing toward its sustainability goals, and the recognition we’ve received for sustainability.

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Poole College of Management

The college has a Sustainability Initiative that includes many resources and connections for businesses.

NC Sustainability Center

Coordinated by the Poole Sustainability Initiative, this online resource features businesses that are making an impact because of sustainability efforts.

NC State Extension

Industrial Extension Service based at NC State helps improve N.C. businesses. Its E3 Initiative focuses specifically on economy, energy and the environment. Energy Solutions, based out of the College of Engineering, provides energy efficiency resources for businesses. The Cooperative Extension‘s resources may be of interest to agriculture-related businesses.

Sustainable Workplaces and Events

The on-campus Wolfpack Certified Sustainable program offers guides on how to make your workplace and events more sustainable. Download the Sustainable Workplace Guide or Sustainable Event Guide and feel free to modify it for use at your job or in your event planning.

Give Back

Sustainability-related opportunities are available for your business’ employees to volunteer or for your business to donate toward enhancing sustainability at NC State.

Professional Development

Browse the sustainability-related degree and training opportunities NC State offers.