Niambé James

Sustainable Materials & Technology

Joined Stewards: Fall 2020

Hometown: Clayton, North Carolina

Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Niambé James and I am majoring in Sustainable Materials + Technology. I am a part of the Goodnight Scholars class of 2022 where I am in my second year as an ambassador and my first year as a mentor. I love involving myself with the campus community, so I have a few positions around campus.

What does sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability is a state in which the current generation has access to enough resources without risking future generations to have the same resources. Sustainability is a proper management of resources, and corporations throwing away piles of food at the end of the night while children go to bed hungry is not sustainability. For a society to be truly sustainable, resources should be able to be distributed in a way that those with excess are able to give to those without.

Niambé James