Marisah de Moll

Applied Nutrition and Food Science

Joined Stewards: Fall 2020

Hometown: Cary, North Carolina

Bio: My sustainability passion revolves around altering/designing our built environments in ways that make the sustainable choice the easy choice. The main objective is to shift our communities as a whole to carry out life with our environment in mind as each one of us are stewards to our Earth. 

I study Nutrition and Food Science here at NC State with a focus on developing equitable, sustainable, and thriving local food systems. Food is highly dynamic as well as a central part to our lives. Food is power. According to the USDA, in 2018, 11.1% of U.S. households experienced food insecurity at some point in the year. In a country where food is abundant, this is great concern as 11.1% of our population equates to about 42 million Americans. Unfortunately, food insecurity affects our minority populations disproportionately. This is seeded in systemic injustices. We cannot have a thriving, sustainable nation if all our citizens do not have access to nutritious, affordable, culturally appropriate food. This is where I hope to contribute my efforts. 

My free time activities include hiking, gardening, cooking/experimenting with flavors, and anything where I can get crafty. I particularly enjoy painting without expectations and creating tiny clay figurines. 

I also enjoy prompting questions for my community, friends, and family to invoke thought or spark discussion. So, my question for you is: What are some simple ways that we can embrace and uplift our community? 


What does sustainability mean to you?

Acts of sustainability demonstrate the appreciation for today and the hope for a better tomorrow.

Empowering individuals to take action is like planting seeds. By empowering the individual, they then will be able to empower others just like how one seed blossoms and then spreads its own.

Marisah de Moll