Claire Henson

Textile Engineering

Joined Stewards: Fall 2020

Hometown: Hickory, North Carolina

Bio: Hey, y’all! My name is Claire Henson, and my passion for sustainability stems from my major, Textile Engineering. After learning of the massive waste and pollution of the textile industry, I decided I want to be a part of the solution! I hope to one day work with sustainable materials and processes such as waste reduction. I am also interested in reducing plastic in our lives for human health and safety. In addition to Sustainability Stewards, on campus, I am involved with Engineering Ambassadors, Greater Good Textile Group, and State Chorale. I also love to hike, play volleyball, travel, and pet any dog that I pass!

What does sustainability mean to you?

To me, Sustainability is only using what you really need and using it for as long as physically possible. It means loving that shirt until it has holes, then repairing it, cropping it, or making it into something new. It means taking what we’re used to and evolving it so it benefits both people and the planet. However, everyone can’t change every aspect of their life instantly. Every person can focus on their niche of sustainability and furthering that subject. Then, with us all working together, we are destined to make some great change in the world for ourselves and future generations.

Claire Henson