Join the Wolfpack of energy savers by trying these tips for saving energy at home, at work or on campus:

hit-the-switchHit the Switch

Lighting accounts for 15 percent of electricity use. Help reduce energy by always turning off lights when leaving a room.  Use natural or task lighting when possible. See the difference it makes >>>


pull-the-plugPull the Plug

Did you know that your TV and computer use electricity even when turned off?  Same goes for your game console, stereo, printer, coffee maker, and any other electronic or appliance that has a standby mode.  Unplug these energy vampires when not in use, or especially before leaving for a weekend or vacation.  Better yet, buy a “smart” power strip that automatically turns off these gadgets when not in use. To do even more, hibernate or “sleep” your computer instead of using screensavers, which use just as much energy as regular operation. And before you shut your eyes for the night, shut down your computer. See the difference it makes >>>


sashShut the Sash

If you’re doing research or experiments in a campus lab using a fume hood, remember to shut the sash when you’re done. An open sash is one of the biggest energy wasters on campus, so remember to keep it closed when not in use. See the difference it makes >>>


Spread the Word About Energy Conversation

Flyer: Shut the Sash Fact Sheet (ideal for posting in labs)
Flyer: Save Energy Like Mr. Wuf (ideal for posting in campus buildings)


Go Further

Energy Competitions

Wolf Ridge: go.ncsu.edu/wolfridgeenergy
Tri Towers: go.ncsu.edu/TriChallenge

Conserving water on campus is equally as important. Check out ways to save >>>