How low can Metcalf, Carroll and Bowen go in energy and water use October 5 – November 5, 2015? The hall that most reduces its energy and water use during October wins, so start saving!

Final Standings 

  1. Bowen, which reduced water use by 16 percent and energy use by 33 percent
  2. Carroll, which reduced water use by 17 percent and energy use by 20 percent
  3. Metcalf, which reduced water use by 15 percent and energy use by 8 percent


Tips for Winning

  1. Hit the Switch: Lighting accounts for 15 percent of electricity use. Help reduce energy by always turning off lights when leaving a room.  Use natural or task lighting when possible
  2. Pull the Plug: Did you know that your TV and computer use electricity even when turned off?  Same goes for your game console, stereo, printer, coffee maker, and any other electronic or appliance that has a standby mode.  Unplug these energy vampires when not in use, or especially before leaving for a weekend or vacation.
  3. Close windows and doors: Don’t let heated or cooled air escape through open windows and doors.
  4. Take shorter showers: You’ll save water as well as the energy it takes to heat water.
  5. Wash clothes in cold water: The most energy used in the entire washing process is in heating the water.
  6. Give your computer a break: Shut it down (and pull the plug) occasionally to save energy and improve functionality.
  7. Turn off the tap: Whether you’re washing your hands or shaving, turn off the tap when possible to save water.
  8. Pick ideal temperatures: Holding your thermostat to the optimal 78 degrees when in air conditioning mode and 68 degrees when in heating mode saves energy.