The Point (Chancellor’s Residence)

The Point is one of NC State’s campus buildings certified for high performance and sustainability.


Gross Square Footage: 8,500

Date of Completion:  October 2011

LEED Status: Certified LEED Home

Designer: BBH (Architects), RMF (Engineers)

Purpose of Project: NC State’s new chancellor residence is located on Centennial Campus, near the Park Alumni Center. The lower level of the residence – about 5,400 square feet – is the “public” portion of the house for larger receptions and other events. The roughly 3,100-square-foot second floor is where the Chancellor calls home.


Sustainability Strategy

  • A geothermal system that reduces energy costs by providing heating and cooling.
  • Reduction in energy demand with 100% Energy Star appliances, 100% LED can lights and a continuous foam insulation that improves insulation.
  • Controllability of HVAC systems that improve occupant experience while having the potential to reduce energy demand.
  • Use of indigenous and bio- material with 100% NC State grown oak finished flooring, poplar trim and cypress ceiling at entry.
  • Reduction of waste through the diversion of 50% of construction waste and the use of concrete with 30% post-consumer content.
  • Water efficient features that include drip-irrigation and 92% use of native or adapted landscaping plants.