How to Ride the Wolfline Campus Bus

You don’t have to be around NC State long before you realize campus parking isn’t easy. Parking spaces are sometimes hard to find and the most convenient parking could cost more. Not to mention the potential for parking tickets if your car is caught in a place or at a time it shouldn’t be. Want a cheaper and more sustainable solution? Try the Wolfline campus bus system, which is free and open to NC State students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public.

Here’s how it works: buses run along several pre-determined routes (do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the routes), which include numerous stops. Stops are marked online, where you can follow Wolfline buses in real time, and also with a sign at the actual stop. While standing at the stop, look for the digital sign at the top of approaching buses to determine the route that bus is following. When you see the route number/name displayed that you wish to travel, board the bus through the door closest to the driver.

You may only exit the bus at pre-determined stops for that route, so pay attention to how close you are to your destination. Though some stops are mandatory for the bus, it’s always a good idea to signal the driver that you would like to exit at the next stop. To signal the driver, pull the yellow cord located above the bus seats to illuminate the “Stop Requested” sign. When the bus stops, exit through the open rear door and leave the front door available for passengers boarding the bus.

Riding the Wolfline is as easy as that. Have more questions? Check out the Wolfline FAQ’s and consider signing up for the Wolfline listserv or Facebook page so that you’ll never miss your ride to, from or around campus.


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