What Am I Supposed to Do With This Drawstring Bag?

Hey, #NCState20, at New Student Orientation you’ll get a drawstring bag, which is great for holding all the items and information you’ll get at Orientation.

In addition to being one of the first items of NC State memorabilia you own, this handy drawstring bag is perfect for using around campus. With so many ways to reuse, this bag is the sustainable choice over plastic bags that are just used once and then thrown away. Reusable bags are less wasteful, better for the environment and so much more utilitarian than plastic. Plus, this reusable bag showcases your Pack pride.

  1. Purchases from the Atrium and C-Stores on campus. Instead of using a disposable plastic bag for any purchases on campus, use your drawstring bag. It’s stronger than a plastic bag, so it will carry more weight than a plastic bag. If you shop off campus, the bag works there too!
  2. Gym Clothes. Don’t let lack of workout clothes be your excuse for not hitting the gym after class. Toss what you need for a trip to the gym in your drawstring bag and you’re off and running.
  3. Dry Shoes. You never think about how much a pair of dry shoes matters until you’ve stepped in 12 puddles on the way to class in the rain and then have to sit there with wet shoes. When the weather’s wet outside, toss an extra pair of shoes in the drawstring bag, grab an umbrella and you’re set for a rainy day.
  4. Toiletry Travel Kit. The drawstring bag is small enough to keep together your travel essentials such as a hair dryer, brush, contact lens solution, glasses, etc.
  5. Dirty Clothes When You Travel. If you don’t use the bag as a toiletry travel kit, then toss it in your overnight bag to collect dirty clothes as you travel. That way when you come back you only have to put the bag of dirty clothes in the washing machine (and put any clean clothes straight back in your closet).
  6. Gift for a Future Wolfpacker. If you have a younger sibling, cousin or friend, he or she might love sporting Wolfpack pride at his or her elementary or middle school.
  7. Lunch. Whether you’re going on a picnic or just carrying your lunch with you, your drawstring bag can keep your meal within easy reach so you don’t have to fish through your backpack looking for that apple you knew you packed.
  8. Collect NC State memorabilia. At Packapalooza, RecFest and other major events on campus, you can get lots of giveaways from various organizations. This bag is perfect to store all those stickers, pens, magnets and other trinkets.
  9. Trash Bag In Your Car. The drawstrings hang nicely on the back of the seat’s headrest.
  10. Trick or Treating. We’re not judging whether you’re too old to trick or treat. We’re just saying these bags make great candy collectors.
  11. Carry Books. If you just need a small notebook and light book for class, why lug a heavy backpack all the way across campus when this smaller bag will do the trick?
  12. Cycling carry-all. When you’re riding your bike on campus, you need both hands to navigate. This drawstring bag is awesome for holding anything you need to carry with you.

Find yourself needing more than just one reusable bag? Try these fun DIY-guides to making your own bag from materials you may already have.

And if you ever have to use plastic bags, don’t throw them away. You can recycle plastic bags in select campus C-Stores.

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