Sustainable Ideas for Your Next Staycation

Apparently, the U.S. workforce is lousy at taking time off work, typically using just half the days they earn. If cost of travel is holding you back from taking time off, then meet the staycation. A staycation is almost the opposite of a vacation. Instead of going somewhere to unwind, you relax and take time off in the city where you live. Staycations have many benefits: less travel, less cost and generally a smaller environmental impact. But if you’ve never done a staycation before, you might not know how to spend your time without getting bored. Here are some staycation ideas that will introduce you to another side of your city:


Eat local

The farm-to-fork local food movement is growing. Research some restaurants in your area that feature local food and chefs. Treat yourself to going out – just like you might do if you were vacationing elsewhere. This is a great way to support local restaurants while also doing something you might not do on a regular work day.


Shop local

Most people end up buying a few items while on vacation, and your staycation doesn’t have to be any different. If shopping is what you like to do on vacation, research and visit local artisans and businesses in your area. You might fall in love a unique item and you didn’t even have to leave your own city to find it.


Get outside

Visit a park, forest or other outdoor attraction during your staycation. To keep things interesting, don’t go to the places you’d normally visit; try something different. Getting outdoors will help rejuvenate your spirit, increase your fitness levels and likely save money, too (most parks are free to visit). Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it. If you’re in an area with lake access, consider renting a kayak or canoe for a fun, zero-emissions activity. Or if you have a bike, try biking instead of driving to nearby destinations.


Farm to Fork

A staycation is a great time to cook new recipes that you normally don’t have time to prepare. Stop by your local farmer’s market to pick up produce (read why you should be going loco for local food), and then try your hand at a new recipe.


Stock up at the Library

If your idea of a good vacation includes a good book, visit your local library to pick up a page-turner. Libraries reuse books so well; it’s much more sustainable and cheaper than buying your own copy.


Get to Know Your City

Sometimes you can live in a city your whole life and never experience a local attraction. Make time to visit that local museum, sports venue or other attraction that your friends have been talking about.



Giving your time is a great way to support your local community. Find a local nonprofit that interests you and ask if they have any volunteer opportunities. You might even decide to plan your entire staycation around it. Giving back has just as many benefits as taking time off work, so get out there and make a difference. It will do your body and your community good.


What other sustainable staycation ideas do you have?

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