Replace This With That: Kitchen Edition

Do you want a more sustainable kitchen? Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for buying all new energy-efficient appliances. Dropping a few smaller items in your kitchen and replacing them with more sustainable options can go a long way in making your kitchen more sustainable.


Replace Non-Stick Cookware With Stainless Steel or Cast Iron. The non-stick material on pots and pans can chip and wear over time. Invest in stainless steel or cast iron, which can last decades.


Replace Harsh Cleaning Solutions With Homemade Cleaning Solutions. Some kitchen cleaners, detergents and hand soaps contain ingredients that could negatively affect you and the environment. Stock your shelves with nontoxic cleaning solutions or make your own.


Replace Plasticware With BPA-Free Containers. Toss the plasticware and give glass, ceramic or stainless-steel containers a try. Although many types of plastic can be recycled, most are made from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource, and can leak chemicals such as BPA as the plastic breaks down over time. Try these alternatives.


Replace Paper Towels With Cloth. Reduce your waste and save money by ditching paper towels. Try a variety of cloth sizes and colors to optimize usability and inject a little visual interest into your kitchen.


Replace Plastic Utensils With Reusables.Why spend money (over and over again) to buy disposable plates, cups and utensils when you can use reusable items? Invest once is a reusable set that you can use for years.
Replace Packaged and Processed Foods with Fresh, Local Food. Whole food is healthier. Find out what fruits and veggies are in season and fill your fridge with fresh, healthy choices. While you’re at it, consider replacing any sugary sodas with water (try fruit-infused water if you’re looking for extra flavor).


Replace Incandescent Light Bulbs With CFLs or LEDs. Replacing your kitchen lights with energy efficient bulbs is an easy way to save money and energy. According to the EPA, Americans could save enough energy to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year by making the switch.
Replace Your Trash Can with a Compost Bin. This one might not be a complete replacement, but a compost bin could reduce the waste you send to the landfill. Instead of tossing food waste into the garbage, you could compost scraps instead. Check out this guide.


Have some money to burn? If you’re remodeling your kitchen, maximize sustainability with sustainable choices of appliances, countertops and cabinets.