Why (and How) to Rethink Your Car Ride

If you’re interested in a sustainable and healthier lifestyle (and maybe a thicker wallet while you’re at it), re-think your car ride.

Cars are super convenient and sometimes the only transportation option available. But it does come at a price. In a recent report, the American Automobile Association says that the average owner of a sedan pays $9,122 a year to own and operate the car ($12,000 for a 4-wheel drive SUV). Plus, not only does driving lead to increased amounts of stress due to traffic, road rage and the threat of accidents, but it can also lead to a thicker waistline because it’s a sedentary activity. According to a new study by the University of Illinois, driving less can be as effective as cutting calories.

Tools To Use When Driving Less

So if alternative transportation is an option for you, we have good news. Within the Triangle there are many alternatives to driving, including biking, walking, carpooling, public transit, and even emergency ride home programs:

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