Organize Your Desk With Things You Already Have

If you love being organized we have some ideas for you that involve reusing common household items. Here are our easy tips to organize your workspace while avoiding a trip to the store.


Cord Holder

Don’t you hate crawling under your desk to retrieve a cord that has slipped off your desk? This easy tip will put an end to that inconvenience. Clip a few binder clips on the edge of your desk, fold back the metal tab and then place the cord in the tab. Could that have been any easier?



Pencil Holder

Whether you’re at the office or in your home office, chances are your pencils and pens could use some organizing.  This is a simple and fun way to repurpose soup/vegetable cans and organize. Just remove the label from a few empty and rinsed alumninum cans. Allow the can to dry and then paint or decorate as you wish. It’s incredibly easy, is customizable for your personal style and costs next to nothing.

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Deluxe Organizer

If a normal pencil holder is too boring or not useful enough for you, give this deluxe organizer a try. Grab a cardboard shoe box, a few empty toilet paper rolls and paint or wrapping paper. Start by painting or wrapping the shoe box as you wish (be even more sustainable by using old magazines or newspapers to wrap the box). Line the inside of the shoe box with the toilet paper rolls, place pencils and pens inside. It’s easy and provides lots of organizing slots. So if you’re someone who wants all your blue ink pens in one space and your black ink pens in another, this DIY organizer will quickly become your favorite.


Folder Organizer

This DIY project is great for holding magazines at your house or folders at work. All you need are empty cereal boxes, scissors, decorative paper and glue. Start by removing the top tab of the cereal box. Then cut the box diagonally, leaving at least 3.5 inches on the open side. Using glue, attach the decorative paper to the outside of the box.  Be sure to fold the paper down side the box. Place folders or papers inside and you’re all set!

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Drawer organizer

Save space in your desk as well as time spent rummaging around for small items.  You’ll need an empty mint tin, a few small pieces of paper, tape and a marker or pen. Cut the strips of paper to fit the side of the tin. Using marker/pen, label the tins (staples, paper clips, etc.). Tape the label onto the side of the tin, and you’re all set to easily find even the smallest items.

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Power Strip Labels

Put an end to the frustration of unplugging the wrong cord with this genius DIY project.  Save the plastic tabs from loaves of bread. Use a marker to turn the tab into a label. Make a label for each cord and attach to the appropriate appliance. That way you’ll never accidentally unplug a device again.



Candy Jar

Everyone loves candy, and it’s really easy to make a candy jar. Just empty and clean a mason jar, fill it with your favorite candy and enjoy.

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