Easy Recipe for a Refreshing Glass of H20? Just Add Fruit

Drinking water has mega benefits for our health, but sometimes we’re looking for more flavor than what a glass of water provides. How can you make water taste better without sugar? Fruit-infused water is a simple idea that can transform how you feel about H20. Simply slice fruit or herbs, allow the natural flavors to infuse into water, and ta-da, you’ll have a refreshing drink that makes you look forward to your next class of H20. Here are some combos that might get you started on this sustainable-for-you water option:


Lemon, Lime or Orange

Lemonade, limeade and orange juice can be loaded with sugar, so if you’re looking for a nearly sugar-free option, try adding a slice of your favorite citrus (or the juice if you’re looking for more flavor) to your next glass of ice water. It won’t taste quite the same as the full sugar version, but a touch of your favorite citrus may be enough extra flavor to make staying hydrated more enjoyable.


Citrus Cucumber

Grab a pitcher and toss in slices of lemon, lime, orange and cucumber. Add water and let chill for a couple hours to allow the fruit taste to infuse.


Watermelon and Herb

Cube watermelon pieces (being careful to remove seeds) and add to a glass or pitcher of water. Then choose a favorite herb, such as mint or basil, to add. for a couple hours and serve over ice.


Berry Blast

Toss in some raspberries, blueberries or strawberries into a pitcher and allow the flavor to infuse. The best part about finishing this glass of water is eating all the berries at the end. Yum and super healthy.


There are so many other flavor combinations that can work, so have fun experimenting with other fruits and herbs. Cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, mango, lavender – the options are endless and tons of recipes make experimenting easier. Some fruit combos might even have specific health benefits.

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