4 Ways To Wear the Same Shirt

The following post was written by Jon Millner, the spring 2014 communications intern in the University Sustainability Office.

Trends come and go and the idea of impulsively buying a garment here and there just doesn’t make financial sense (plus, it requires a lot more resources to create and a lot more closet space to store). The classic white dress shirt is probably already in your closet and can be styled for various occasions. Talk about sustainability….why own four different shirts, when one will do the trick? Here are four ways that you can style your white dress shirt and wake up your wardrobe.

On Campus

Simple and comfortable for going to class but still makes a statement. Wear with tennis shoes and blue jeans to give a relaxed feel. It’s cool, effortless and casual.



A Day at the Office

Go for a classic, yet fashion-forward look in the office. Pair with a blazer and chinos (but add a cool tie for styling) or pair with a printed pencil skirt or a fun blazer.



A Night on the Town

A white dress shirt is not only meant for the office but can be worn for a night out with friends. Style your white shirt with trendy and fashion-forward pieces that will turn heads!



A Formal Event

You will never go wrong with the white dress shirt at a formal event. Match with a black suit jacket and pants and you’ll be sure to be the most dapper and chic of the evening.




Special thanks to models Matt Whitehead and Jazsalyn McNeil

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