10 Reasons to Ride the Wolfline

Did you know that NC State’s Wolfline Service not only takes students to class, but also serves the general public fare-free? No ID is required to ride. Using the Wolfline can save you money, prevent road rage, give you some much needed down time (or study time), and help keep you safe and dry. Still not convinced? Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Ride.

  1. Avoid parking tickets. Why ruin your day with a ticket? Take the WolfLine around campus and never worry about parking in the wrong area again (and paying for it).
  2. Extra time to study. Every minute counts when you are preparing for an exam or presentation. Don’t waste your time looking for a parking spot when you can have a last minute study session before class.
  3. It’s free. Campus transportation and parking fees fund the Wolfline so that when you hop aboard, you do so without having to pay.
  4. Don’t get caught in bad weather. Download TransLoc and you won’t have to worry about missing the bus ever again. Not only can you watch the bus as it approaches your stop, but you can find the latest information on weather conditions impacting Wolfline service.
  5. Safety First. After a night on the town or a rowdy football game, why get behind the wheel when you don’t have to? In addition to a robust bus schedule, the WolfLine also offers WolfProwl for downtown service, Red Terror service during game days, and late night routes.
  6. Catch up on social media. Can you walk and check Facebook at the same time? No need to run the risk of tripping over a curb. Ride the Wolfline so you can sit back, relax and post your latest status update.
  7. No more road rage. We all know that driving around campus can be a nightmare, especially without a parking permit. Check out our free off-campus Park & Ride commuter lots, all served by Wolfline buses.
  8. Meet new people. Riding the bus is a great way to strike up conversations. Don’t pass up the opportunity to network, create new friends, or get to know your bus driver.
  9. Save your gas money. Even if you do have a parking permit, gas isn’t cheap. Save your hard earned money for those out of town trips.
  10. It’s good for the environment. Taking the Wolfline reduces road congestion on and off campus and improves air quality by reducing auto emissions.

Feeling unsure about how it all works? Here is an easy, how-to guide on bus riding so you can confidently use the Wolfline and take advantage of all its benefits.

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