10 Examples of Paperless Awesomeness

Of course, paper still has its place, but technology has provided us with so many opportunities to make the world a more paperless place. Here are 10 examples of why we’re thankful for paperless options:

1. Phone Book

Anyone remember how heavy these things are? The new paperless phone book is in your phone (or whatever your preferred internet-surfing device is).

2. Map

Do children even learn how to read paper maps these days? Instead of keeping up with an atlas, the new paperless map is in your smartphone or computer. So. Much. Easier.

3. Invitation

When’s the last time you received an invitation to a gathering that wasn’t a wedding or shower? The new paperless invitation is in your email inbox. Best part is you can tell who else is coming and you can RSVP with a click of a button. Done.


4. Coupons

Remember when the only way you could reap store discounts was with a paper coupon? Toss out the scissors because many stores will scan coupons on your phone. So next time you’re in a long line at the store, try searching your phone for a coupon. It’ll make the wait go by quicker if nothing else.


5. Magazines

If you have a tablet, this paperless product is something you must try. Many publishers are offering digital subscriptions that cost about the same as print subscriptions except with extra content on the digital version. Like a story and want to see more photos? Just click to see a whole gallery of digital images — something your print magazine never could have done. Of course digital books are also becoming a great option for some avid readers.

6. Online payment, registration or donation

At one point in time everything you registered for, donated to, or bill you had to pay — it all required you to search for a stamp. And an envelope. Now, we can register and pay online for most things. You even apply online to colleges like NC State. Way easier than paper.


7. Encyclopedias and other reference books

Though I have a dictionary on my desk, I can’t tell you the last time I opened it. Because it’s so much easier search online.

8. Print to PDF

The days of needing a physical file cabinet might soon be over because of scanners and the handy print-to-PDF feature on many computers.

9. Email Receipts

Nowadays stores give you the option of emailing the receipt instead of carrying around a wad of paper receipts.

10. Notes

Whether you’re taking notes for class or for work, it’s way easier to take them electronically and save for later use. Gone are the days of copying down notes and then losing your notebook. Just back up everything and organize well so you can easily find what you’re looking for.



What other examples do you have of paperless awesomeness? How has going paperless made your life simpler?

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