5 Ways to Go Plastic-Free this Summer

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation and enjoying the great outdoors. It’s also a great time to make a positive impact.

This summer, join the global movement of Plastic-Free July to reduce your plastic footprint. Here are five ideas to try:

1. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Stay hydrated and ditch single-use plastic bottles by bringing your own reusable water bottle wherever you go. Whether you’re hitting the beach, going on a hike, or simply running errands, having a reusable bottle handy will not only save you money but also help reduce plastic waste. 

2. Choose Plastic-Free Picnics

Picnics are a quintessential summer activity, but they often involve disposable plastic plates, cutlery and food containers. Aim for zero waste picnics by using reusable or compostable alternatives. Pack your snacks and meals in reusable containers or beeswax wraps and bring along reusable cutlery. Opt for reusable or compostable plates and napkins to complete your eco-friendly picnic setup.

3. Embrace Sustainable Summer Fashion

Try clothing made from natural and organic fibers, such as cotton or linen, instead of items containing synthetic materials that may shed microplastics. You could also consider shopping at thrift stores or participating in clothing swaps to reduce the demand for new plastic-based garments.

4. Skip the Straw

When sipping on refreshing beverages, say no to plastic straws that can end up in oceans and harm marine life. If you can’t go strawless, opt for compostable or reusable alternatives like stainless steel, bamboo or silicone straws. Keep a few in your bag or car, so you’re always prepared. 

5. Shop Smart for Summer Produce

Summer brings an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables. When shopping for your favorite summer produce, avoid plastic packaging and opt for loose items or those packaged in paper, cardboard or other sustainable materials. Visit local farmers’ markets or participate in community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs to support local growers.

By incorporating these five ideas into your summer routine, you can reduce your plastic consumption and waste.