Sealing In Savings At Terry Center

When NC State Energy Management discovered that the Terry Companion Veterinary Medicine Center was consuming energy at twice the industry expected rate, an effort began to figure out why and how to lower energy use. 

In 2019, the Commissioning Team from Building Maintenance and Operations worked in the building to improve energy efficiency and system performance. Chilled water and steam – primarily used for HVAC systems – accounted for around 80% of the building’s utility consumption. The Recommissioning Team uncovered significant air leakage making occupants less comfortable and increasing energy use. 

Energy Management met with partners in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Capital Project Management, and the Facilities Division to begin investigating possible solutions. Many parts of the building experienced air leaks, which created condensation problems and overworked the HVAC systems. NC State could save an estimated $12,000 annually by sealing the air gaps.  

Following more testing, remediation plans were developed to address the largest gaps located on the main level and in the western lobby. In June 2021, air barrier construction specialists completed work filling these gaps with extruded polystyrene blocks and sealing foam spray, which increases the insulation of the areas in addition to preventing air exchange. 

Already, the building occupants report improved comfort and the moisture issues that were common in some areas of the building have been resolved. 

Before (pictured left) and after (pictured right), which shows the addition of new insulation and air barrier.