Pack Proud: Why I’m an NC State Steward

This post is from Rachel Gonsalves, an intern in the University Sustainability Office and student coordinator of the NC State Stewards, a new student ambassador program accepting applications through Friday, April 5.

Rachel GonsalvesI am an NC State Steward because I am proud of my university and want to help make it even better.

The NC State Steward  program provides the opportunity for students like me to delve into the many facets of campus life, find ways to improve the community, and learn about sustainability. When mentioning sustainability, often your mind jumps to the environment; however NC State Stewards go beyond that by a balance of social, economic and environmental responsibility into their programming.

As a large research-based institution, NC State has opportunities that other universities do not. Our campus is already successful in many realms and as an NC State Steward I enjoy raising awareness about these initiatives and educating my peers about how to improve the world around them. As a Steward I have a lot of opportunity to pursue my own interests while leaving an impact on the campus.

Join me as an NC State Steward. There are just a few of us this semester, but I look forward to next year when the group will be much larger and even more innovative! Apply online by April 5.