Sustainable Workplace Certification


Sustainable Workplace Certification offers campus departments the opportunity to be more sustainable and earn recognition for these efforts. To certify your workplace, complete the Online Certification Form about your office’s sustainability efforts in these categories: energy and water, transportation, purchasing, food and events, health and wellness, waste reduction and sustainability leadership. Certification is offered at the following levels:


  • Contributor (earn 0-82 points)
  • Steward (earn 83-164 points)
  • Champion (earn 165-246 points)


How To Certify Your Workplace:sustainable-workplace-guide

Download the Sustainable Workplace Guide and use it in your planning process. You can print the guide’s checklist, which details actions that earn points toward certification. Certify your workplace by completing the simple Online Certification Form. Use the certification as a way to promote your office, including displaying the certificate or certification seal. Questions?


Wolfpack Certified Sustainable Workplaces Certification Level
Facilities Operations Business Services Steward
Environmental Health and Public Safety Steward
Capital Project Management Champion
Eastern 4-H Center Steward
OnBoarding Center Steward
EcoVillage Steward
Utilities and Engineering Services Steward
University Sustainability Office Champion
Office of Assessment Steward
Repair and Renovation Champion
Study Abroad Office Champion
Environmental Sciences Academic Program Steward
University Recreation Steward
Center for Environmental Farming Systems Champion