01.08.2013 |

If you’ve ever hit the light switch on the way out a room, pulled the plug on electronics not in use, or saved energy in some other way on campus, then you’re part of a 13 percent reduction in campus energy use since 2004.

And that’s not the only conservation benchmark to celebrate. According to NC State’s Strategic Energy and Water Annual Report, total utility cost has dropped 11 percent since 2004, bringing last fiscal year’s costs to just over $30.3 million.  It’s estimated that without the combined conservation efforts of student, faculty, staff and NC State Energy Management, that the university’s annual utility costs would top $40 million. Congrats, Wolfpack, on this estimated annual savings of $10 million.

Another point of pride is the 43 percent reduction in campus water consumption since 2004. If you’ve ever slowed the flow on campus by reporting a leaky faucet, taking shorter showers or engaging in some other water conservation effort, then you’re part of a successful effort to save this natural resource.

Want to learn more? Check out the complete Strategic Energy and Water Annual Report.


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