Extension & Community Outreach

As a land-grant university, NC State is focused on the creation and application of knowledge for the betterment of the state of North Carolina and the world.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension, based at the state’s two land-grant institutions, NC State and NC A&T State University, delivers unbiased, research-based information to North Carolina citizens.  Located in all 100 counties and the Cherokee Reservation, Cooperative Extension provides residents easy access to the resources and expertise of the two partnering universities.

Ranging from stormwater and erosion control to tourism and local foods, Cooperative Extension is an invaluable resource for both developed and rural areas of the state. Learn more about the programs they offer.

NC State is also home to Industrial Extension Service (IES) which supports North Carolina businesses in the workplace by increasing productivity, efficiency, quality and, as a result, profits. Many IES solutions focus on sustainability issues, such as minimizing the impact of products and practices, improving energy efficiency of facilities and waste reduction. Learn how IES team can improve your bottom line and lesson your environmental impact.

The Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative helps businesses and business leaders succeed.